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Support & Solutions: Printer & Scanner

Printers and scanners are two of the most widely used peripherals in projects and businesses.
Ruparel Infosys comprehends how annoying it could be when the printer or scanner starts malfunctioning in the midway of important businesses and projects.
Your defective printers and scanners leave you in a hair pulling situation, as all your important works get halted.
There are plenty of printers and scanners in the market! So are the ample number of problems associated with each type of printers and scanners!
Some most common omnipresent errors that exasperate the user are:
Some issues which one has to frequently deal with are:
Paper jam
Previously lined document does not cancel
Spooler problems
Driver missing for particular operating system
Documents failed to print
Printer not recognized
Not connected on network
Printer offline
Issues with solution centers
Numerous problems of countless models of printers and scanners might complicate the users’ task to find out the root cause of, and solution, to the problem.
Here Ruparel Infosys Printer and scanner engineers step in and provide quality tech support for printer and scanner malfunctions.
Our engineers maintain a database of problems occurring across various models.
They are efficient in diagnosing the printer and scanner problems of all kinds and prompt in providing the appropriate solutions.

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